The IVF Bioscience media system offers an optimised suite of media products and accompanying protocol to enhance the success of your laboratory for Animal IVF. Our BO range of media products are specifically designed and optimised for bovine in vitro production. Extensive product development and testing has confirmed that the IVF Bioscience media system provides superior results in Bovine IVF & Animal IVF. The individual media products are enhanced even further by their synergy when used in combination. This allows laboratories to achieve higher blastocyst rates, more robust blastocysts and thereby a higher pregnancy rate. The BO Range is also suitable for work with sheep, goats, camels and related/exotic species.

IVF Bioscience media products are quality assured. The media range is manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility – the standard applied to human IVF media production – and bottled from large batches to improve lot-to-lot consistency and ensure reproducibility and uniformity. The media products are supplied sterile, and are tested via bovine embryo assay (BEA),  pH and osmolality measurements, and screening for fungal and bacterial infection.

IVF Bioscience provides a media product for every step of in vitro embryo production for bovine, ovine, caprine & camelid species. Watch to see how each of our products fit into the IVF laboratory process.

BO-OPU A ready to use medium for ovum pick-up and flushing of embryos that does not require refrigeration oopu
BO-IVF A ready to use medium for the in vitro fertilisation of matured oocytes ivf
BO-WASH A handling and washing medium for oocytes and embryos that does not require CO2 equilibration wash
BO-IVC A one-step medium suitable for continuous embryo culture from cleavage to blastocyst stage IVC
BO-IVM A ready to use medium for the in vitro maturation of oocytes ivm
BO-HEPES-IVM A medium designed to allow for the in vitro maturation of oocytes away from the laboratory and outside the incubator hepes
BO-BIOPSY A medium designed to provide optimal embryo conditions during embryo manipulation procedures, such as biopsies and splitting biopsy
BO-TRANSFER A medium designed to provide optimal embryo conditions during transfer procedures and whilst transporting embryos for up to 48 hours transfer
BO-SEMENPREP A non-capacitating semen wash that avoids the toxicity of gradient systems and permits conservation of spermatozoa energy prior to IVF semenerp
BO-OIL A pharmaceutical grade overlay oil, pre-washed with ultra-pure water oil
BO-VITRICOOL A three-part kit suitable for the vitrification of both in vivo and in vitro derived embryos cryopreservation media vitricool
BO-VITRIWARM A four-part kit for the warming of embryos following vitrification. Designed to be used in conjunction with our BO-VitriCool kit vitriwarm