We have evaluated an entire suite of media developed by IVF Bioscience and experienced some of the first real advances in improving development rates and embryo quality. The systems are robust in producing the highest quality embryos ever produced in our lab.

Charles R. Looney (PhD / President at Ovagenix)


Using IVF Bioscience media I had beautiful blasts that made great biopsies and responded as though they had just been collected from the donor. IVF Bioscience media gives me the flexibility to prioritize when the embryos are biopsied.

Matt Barten (Owner of Embruon)


I have been testing IVF Bioscience media and one other source. I had very good success with my first round with goat ovaries using IVF Bioscience media and haven’t had as much success with the competitor. I really do prefer IVF Bioscience media.

Dawn Bresnahan (MS, PhD. Assistant Professor / Dept. of Animal Science at Berry College)


We have used IVF Bioscience media for production of IVF embryos and we have been getting excellent results. Twenty-eight cows have so far been impregnated, with embryos developed with ova from four high-yielding indigenous breeds.

Dr Shyam Zawar (CEO at JK Bovagenix)


IVF Bioscience media has helped us to improve the blastocyst rate and their quality; and led to stable embryo production that is important both in science and breeding industry. We are grateful to Dr Lotte Stroebech, IVF Bioscience’s Scientific Advisor, for her consultancy and continuous support.

Ülle Jaakma (PhD / Vice-Rector of Research at Eesti Maaülikool, Estonia)