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  • IVF Bioscience is exclusively Marketed in India by Trivector Biomed LLP
  • IVF Offers Ready to use and Serum free Media Ranges
  • IVF Bioscience Media Suite is Customized to obtain Optimum results in Animal & Veternary IVF(Bovine IVF)
  • IVF Bioscience is being developed by pioneers of Veterinary & Human IVF Media.

The IVF Bioscience Media Suite

The IVF Bioscience mission is to increase quality and productivity in global animal reproduction by producing innovative, world-leading solutions manufactured to the highest standards of quality and consistency.

The bovine protocol and Bovine IVF media portfolio acquired by IVF Bioscience has been optimised and improved with results rendering often more than 50% blastocyst rates and higher quality embryos from unselected slaughterhouse oocytes, considerably higher than usually achieved blastocyst rates in bovine IVF systems. The same superiority in performance has also been confirmed in oocytes derived from Ovum Pick-Up (OPU).

Using the IVF Bioscience media system, laboratories can benefit from this extensive combined portfolio of knowledge by achieving higher blastocyst rates, more robust blastocysts and thereby a higher pregnancy rate. IVF Bioscience was formed by the founders of Research Instruments Limited, the largest global hardware provider for human IVF. IVF Bioscience aims to help develop the animal IVF market by improving yields through higher success rates. IVF Bioscience plans to develop further pre-supplemented species specific media using the skills of EmbryoTrans Biotech.

The scientific team of IVF Bioscience


The scientific team behind the development of IVF Bioscience media is Lotte Stroebech, DVM, PhD and Birthe Avery, MD, PhD, DVSc of EmbryoTrans Biotech.

Dr. Avery is former Associate Professor (now retired) from the Veterinary Faculty, University of Copenhagen. As Head of the IVF laboratory for 27 years, Dr. Avery was responsible for research, predominantly in bovine, porcine and equine in vitro embryo technology. Dr. Stroebech is a Lab Director and Embryologist with 15+ years’ experience in IVF media development. Also in this time, she has established internationally acknowledged laboratory research facilities in Universities as well as in Medical Device and Livestock industries in Europe and North America and is today Scientific Advisor to IVF Bioscience.

IVF Bioscience Media Suite is Customized to obtain Optimum results in Animal & Veternary IVF( Bovine IVF )