1. What is the problem of Airborne Infection?

Infectious Viruses, Bacteria, fungi, molds, VOCs are all around us in air! There are seasonal outbreaks of viral infections like Swine Flu, MERS, TB and other respiratory illnesses! There have been many air-filters, ionizers, UV lights and fumigators available , but no single method is as efficient and cost-effective which can eliminate these microbes in the air without compromising patient safety ,operational hazards and expensive maintenance.

2. How big is the problem of Airborne Infection?

Hospital acquired Infections (HAIs) is among the top five causes of death (More deaths than Road accidents, Breast Cancer, AIDS and Armed Conflicts occur due to HAIs). In developed countries like America about 1 Lakh people die every year due to HAIs which costs additional health-care burden of about $40 Billion annually (source: CDC, America). Most bacteria has developed resistance to commonly used antibiotics leading to higher doses and more expenses! This is the case more or less in all developed countries. In Asian and African countries the problem is more severe and thousands are getting affected and being killed silently! Immune-Compromised patients like in the isolation rooms, ICUs, Dialysis units, Neonatal ICUs, Burns units, Asthma patients and Home care patients are more vulnerable to airborne pathogens.

3. What is the Solution?

Novaerus Cold Plasma Air Sterilization technology which destroys the DNA of the viruses and bacteria which comes in contact with plasma field in to neutral constituents of natural air. It is the latest breakthrough which is being tried and tested in various health-care establishments with great results.. This compact and absolutely maintenance free system requires no maintenance or consumables and consumes as low electricity as a laptop charger! No need to shift the patient or staff, no time-consuming pre and post procedure rituals to be followed, just plug and play and the continuous protection stars from the next moment! It effectively eradicates up-to 99.9999% viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and eliminates odours and VOCs improving quality of life of patients and health-care staff and saves precious lives!

4. How is the Novaerus Air Sterilizer Solution different than currently available Solutions?

All available solutions to trap or kill viruses (HEPA Filters, Ionizers, UV Lights, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Vapour Generators, Fumigators etc , including existing sterility protocol) has inherent limitations and mostly combination of multiple sub-optimal technologies making it cumbersome and expensive to maintain. We have reached the point of diminishing returns  with  no  new  technology  available  in decades. Plasma, which is the fourth state of matter in the form of energized gas is known to be most effective sterilizing agent for medical devices and Novaerus Air Sterilizer has uniquely used Cold Atmospheric Plasma for sterilization of air with patented Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD Plasma) technology with makes it unique cold plasma air purifier.

5. Where was the Novaerus solution designed and is being used, tested?

Novaerus Plasma Air Sterilization System was designed in the UK and manufactured in Ireland. It is being used by numerous health-care facilities in Europe and America with great benefits to the patients and health-care staff. NASA laboratory has validated effectiveness of this technology by publishing a white paper. Various independent clinics and laboratories have conducted clinical trials and studies using Novaerus technology and the papers are available online. Novaerus products are CE, UL marked and are manufactured under ISO certified factories.

6. How do you measure/monitor the effectiveness of Novaerus Technology?

There is no visible indicator of reduction in viruses and bacteria except for taking air-sample and culturing it before and after implementation of Novaerus units. The reduced CFUs (Colony Forming Units) is the good measure. However, the effective reduction in odour ormeasurement of level of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), Particles in the air is another way to measure the air quality. Novaerus has developed a Smart Air Quality cloud based platform with sensors, GSM router etc which allows the users not just to monitor the air quality remotely, but it also talks with Novaerus unit to act more efficiently based on the level of impurities in the air.

7. Is Novaerus useful in Microbiology Lab?

As Noverus uses the most advanced cold plasma technology which is recommend by CDC for Sterilization of Surgical Equipments same technology Sterilizes the Air its very effective as Microbiology Lab Equipment to prevent cross contamination in Microbiology Lab or Diagnostic Lab where Airborne Pathogens is a concern.

8. What is the size, and how much area does Novaerus sterilize?

Novaerus units come in three sizes. NV200 which is effective for an area up to 200 Square feet (with 10 ft Ceiling height) is of the size of the shoe-box or a portable speaker, while NV-800 is wall mounting type, size of a 21 inch LCD Monitor which is effective up-to area of 500 Sq.ft. NV1000 is Movable Unit on wheels size of Mini Refrigerator of 56 cm height , 75 cm of width which is effective up-to 2000 Sq.ft. Equipped with Triple Filters (Pre-Filter, to clean dust particles ,Activated Carbon Filter to Remove odor and VOC’S & HEPA Filter to give out Purest air from 0.3 Micron) which Quickly Sterilize the Air & Removes VOC’S.

9. Where has Novaerus solution been implemented in India?

Even before COVID-19 was unleashed on us, we had installed about 50 units in India, including Jaslok Hospital and many IVF labs across India During this pandemic we have installed a few equipment in COVID hospitals in Mumbai and New Delhi. During last few weeks, these units are installed in Reliance HN Hospital, seven COVID testing booths of BMC ,the isolation facility at NSCI dome in Worli, St. George Hospital, Office of Dr. T.P. Lahane (Director of Medical Education and Research, Maharashtra) , Ram Manohar Hospital in New Delhi and a few private offices in Pune and Chennai. Command Hospital , Navy hospitals and Veterinary labs are other places from where we received the orders. The feedback from St. George's Hospital's COVID ICU (after conducting bio-burden tests) is very encouraging and they have expressed their wish to deploy more units in government hospitals.. For IVF it is proven to improve the clinical pregnancy rate by about 25% according to Dr. Satish Patki, who is using Defend 1050 since December 2018.

10. Can Novaerus Cold plasma air purifier Technology  be  used  at  labs, homes, offices, schools, hotels, common areas?

Yes. Existing Novaerus Units can be used at any closed place where their is a danger of spreading air-borne infections. Novaerus is planning to launch smaller and less expensive units specially for homes and toilets early next year with the same effective plasma technology.

11. How do you plan to expand the user base of Novaerus Cold plasma air purifier technology across India?

In tune  with  “Swatchh  Bharat  Abhiyaan"  (Clean  India Drive) of PM Modi, our goal is to reach all health-care establishments where there could be a problem of HAIs. We have dream of offering this technology to Municipal, Governmental  and  Rural  Hospitals  where  it  is  needed most!   We   are   open   to   appoint   channel   partners specializing in different areas. We are also enhancing our sales and marketing team across India. Our vision is to see infection-free hospitals by installing Novaerus technology where it matters most!

12. What about safety data of Novaerus machine like exposure of ROS (Reactive oxygen Species) as it would have long term carcinogenic effect?

All Novaerus units are CE (European Standards certified) and manufactured in ISO certified factories with all quality certificates. The US FDA application is pending and we are expecting to get approval in coming months. Regarding safety: Novaerus uses cold atmospheric plasma technology (which is well-established for medical applications including sterilising of equipment). Novaerus has developed a patented di-electric barrier discharge (DBD) mechanism to generate a plasma field in a controlled space inside a box (not exposed to outside environment, including human beings).The infected outside air is drawn-in around a plasma coil with a blower fan inside the machine. Multiple actions including oxidation, electron bombardment, electroporation and itching happen simultaneously rendering the DNA of the pathogen totally destructed and disintegrated in to to corresponding molecules and released in to atmosphere as part of sterile air. The generation of UV, Ozone and ROS and its destructing effects are thus limited to about two cm circumference of the plasma coil around which the infected air is circulated inside the instrument. Only clean and sterile air is released in the atmosphere making it safe for the human beings.

13. What about spillage exposure protocol if accidentally Novaerus machine gets broken down and contents get exposed?

There are no replaceable parts like UV light, filters, cartridge or chemicals inside the machine. The electronic circuit and components (including blower) which generate plasma field would not normally fail and have proven to work for many years without reducing the performance. However, as it could happen with any electronic parts, fan motor or human error, if the machine stops working, it would stop drawing-in the infected air and the Plasma would not be generated. The sterilisation process of Novaerus would stop.The machine itself would not contribute to any spillage, exposure or further damage to the environment even accidentally. 13. Will it be self-monitoring for the loads of germs that may vary time to time? At present there is no way by which you can monitor the varying loads of germs in the atmosphere from time to time. However, with our Smart Air Quality platform you can monitor from a remote location ,the volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), temperature and humidity in the air in real-time where Novaerus Air Steriliser is being used. Novaerus is closely working with NASA on a project to identify the bio-burden of different pathogens in the air in real time. We will keep you informed once this technology is commercially available.

14. Any free demonstration available and rental proposal?

We will be glad to offer a free demo and possible trials for a few days, if you are willing to share pre and post data of CFU with us. It is also available on Rent Click here to know More