Labs worldwide are faced with storage space limitations. VitroStash is the simple, cost-effective storage enhancement solution for Liquid Nitrogen Containers

  • A dewar retrofit with VitroStash will cost about half of a new dewar.
  • VitroStash increases current storage capacities of Liquid Nitrogen Containers by more than 2X.
  • No need to change current lab configurations of your cryogenic tank.
  • Enhanced grid configuration allows for simple, ergonomic storage of cryogenic tank.
  • Fewer dewars further reduces energy and LN2 costs.



FlexStash is the brilliant solution for labs that are using -80 OC freezers for storing vial boxes. Our unique MaxSecure half-rack frame

securely holds your boxes in place for rapid transfer to an LN2 freezer should the need arise. By nesting your samples in our FlexStash, you now have the convenience of transporting all of your samples in one easy, self-contained configuration. If your -80 OC freezer should ever have a malfunction and you need to back up to an LN2 freezer, FlexStash will save you valuable time and limit specimen degeneration.

  • Frame fits in standard -80 OC freezers.
  • Holds 81 or 100 count vial boxes.
  • Drawers slide in and out.
  • Half-rack frame with MaxSecure holds boxes upside down, sideways and more.
  • Easily lifts out as a single unit for transfer to LN2 freezer.
  • Accelerates transfer time from failed -80 OC freezer to LN2 or other ULT backup.
  • For use in any freezer.



VialStash storage boxes are designed with lab efficiency and convenience in mind. The hinged lid design allows you to quickly and easily store and retrieve vials at the same cost, or lower, as standard two-part box designs. Our new ColdStash Polycarbonate VialStash boxes are composed of high quality medical grade polycarbonate to secure safe storage applications down to -196 OC in cryogenic tank.

MaxSecure Vertical/Half-Rack


Vertical vial box racks, also referred to as “half racks” may increase freezer capacity in some applications. More importantly it allows you to retrieve your valued specimens without exposing a “full size” vial rack of specimens to ambient temperatures. Our vertical racks are also lighter weight because of the superior grade of stainless steel we use. Our MaxSecure racks are often times half the weight competitive racks. ColdStash's MaxSecure Vertical racks offer the optimum of safety, security and ease of use. Our unique locking safety feature protects your specimens from ever falling out or being dislodged from cryogenic tank.

MaxSecure UltraLight Rack


MaxSecure are lightweight, while allowing you the ability to maximize the security of your vial storage. Our unique design reduces rack weight and adds an extra measure of security beyond the standard locking rod. Our MaxSecure feature combined with the locking rods provides the ultimate in safe, secure storage of your crucial specimens in cryogenic tank.

Cryo Cassettes


ColdStash offers a full range of cryogenic cassettes bag storage. ColdStash cassettes fit all major manufacturers bags from our 3 versions of 25 ml cassettes for cord blood storage to 500 ml bags. We also provide a broad array of cassettes for custom bags. If you don’t see what you need here, just give us a call or send us a note and we’ll design a cassette to meet your requirements. Branding and custom finishes are available on all units of cryogenic tank.

MaxSecure UltraThin Frame


ColdStash’s unique MaxSecure frames hold cryo cassettes solidly in place for safe and secure storage in your Liquid Nitrogen Containers and Liquid Nitrogen Freezer. This safety feature, combined with our “UltraThin” design, optimizes capacity as well as improving lab safety. Capacity increases of up to 20% over standard frame designs are possible. Be sure your specimens are safe and secure with MaxSecure from ColdStash.

Magnetic Straw Cassettes


ColdStash Magnetic straw cassettes for semen and embryo straw storage offer a magnetic feature that allows for easier and safer handling and retrieval of cassettes from your dewar or freezer. When used in conjunction with of VialTrieve magnet pen or wand, it improves lab safety and efficiency at the same cost, or lower,than standard straw cassettes.