After Installing Novaerus NV800 in August 2017 in Labor Room/ OT, There is a significant Improvement in Air Quality and I’m very happy with Novaerus I will highly recommend it.

Dr. Divyang KadakiaDirector, Priyal Clinic, Vadodara

I have been using air sterilization equipment of Novaerus since May 2017 and it has helped in Improving Air Quality in my IVF Laboratory and Consequently the results of IVF.

Dr. Milind P. GaitondeDirector, Abhimaan Maternity & Surgical Hospital, Thane

We have been using Novaerus NV 800 in our IVF Lab, OT & Recovery Room Since March 2017. Novaerus NV 800 is very much effective in controlling better air quality & maintaining a better environment for culture in the IVF lab .!! Novaerus helps in maintaining desired Air quality for 24x7 with no maintenance cost !!

Mr. Subir ChatterjeeChief Embryologist, BIRTH FERTILITY CLINIC, Kolkata

Novaerus Air sterilizer continuously works silently in the background and have improved the Air and Embryo Quality of our IVF lab, since installation.

Dr. Debashish Sarkar Sarkar Hospital & Uma IVF Centre. Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

We are very happy to share our experience with Novaerus- NV 800 Airborne Infection Control System. The device was installed in our centre by Trivector Biomed LLP in October 2017, and since then we have seen a significant reduction in the VOC levels of our lab which has definitely resulted in remarkably better pregnancy outcome. (Earlier we had been using other brand of portable air filter) Novaerus NV-800 is a small portable machine, with almost zero maintenance even with 24X7 operation and importantly its sound proof, consumes very low power and is very easy to handle and clean. We would definitely recommend Novaerus NV 800 for maintaining the better air-quality and getting better pregnancy outcome of any IVF lab.

Dr. Kaberi Banerjee Advanced Fertility and Gynecology Centre, Delhi

It gives me great pleasure to testify on Novaerus Air Steriliser System. I have used Novaerus machines in high dependency units especially SICU, OT and Paediatric nursery for more than a year. It has given us an excellent air control and resulted in significant reduction in Nosocomial infection rates. Real confidence has come from the microbiology surveillance unit which has reduced microbial count of culture swabs from various sites over this period. I feel it is adding a new dimension to prudent air control systems. I have placed repeat order and would highly recommend it to all healthcare facilities.

Dr. Ibrahim Guroo (Guru Multispecialty Hospital, Sopore, Jammu & Kashmir)

After using NOVAERUS Air Steriliser for more than a year in IVF and andrology lab, we improved our air quality to a great extent - which resulted in a significant increase in IUI and IVF Success rate. We have found marked improvement in blastocyst forming rate as well as implantation & pregnancy rate. Novaerus units are very silent, compact and maintenance free.

Dr. Anand Chaudhari (Upvan Hospital & IVF Centre, Palanpur, Gujarat)

We have been using Novaerus since a year long. It has helped us in achieving good air quality conditions with reduced air borne contamination. Very happy and satified with the product.

Mr. Rahul Sen (Embryologist)(Vasundhara Hospital & fertility Research centre, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.)

We chose Novaerus for its innovative infection control technology, the fact that it runs continuously without requiring us to change filters, and requires very little maintenance. You notice the effect a Novaerus unit has on an area in terms of air quality and odour control in a very short time period.

Robert (Reed Director of Operations, Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, Florida, USA)

Since Novaerus airborne infection control technology has been installed in our department – comparing to previous years’ trends – there have been no outbreaks (MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Influenza) and the air quality has generally improved; bad odour formerly detected from timeto-time in the wards and permanently in the laundry storage area has been completely eliminated by now.

Dr. Med. Sándor Egerszegi(Head of Department Uzsoki Hospital Budapest, Pulmonology)

Pharmacoeconomic analysis revealed a reduction in the number of infections and costs of antibacterial and anti-fungal therapy in the period tested as compared to analogical periods preceding installation of the NOVAERUS system.

Independent Public Healthcare Centre Ministry of Internal Affairs with the Warmia & Mazury Centre of Oncology in Olsztyn 10-228 Olsztyn, al. Wojska Polskiego 37 (Romania)

Results of microbiological tests of the air in the areas where the devices were installed unequivocally revealed significant reduction in the number of microorganisms. Moreover, permanent elimination of unwanted odours in the tested rooms was noted. The devices tested in our facility deserve to be widely used in healthcare institutions, and particularly in sites of high epidemiological risk. The device is simple and easy to use and does not require the use of additional appliances such as filters or catalysers or other harmful substances. It is also completely safe for patients and medical staff.

Specialised Hospital in Chorzów (Specialist for Epidemiology [signature illegible] Teresa Zalewska 1321600P WARSAW)

Nationwide we saw a lot of H3N2, which is particularly dangerous to children and the elderly, so I was worried that all of our residents would be affected, however, we had installed the Novaerus systems in September, and as a result, fewer than half of our residents were affected. The health department told me that we did a spectacular job, and I know that without the Novaerus technology, that number would have been 100 percent. This is cutting edge technology for environments such as ours.

Kathryn Kassner(Administrator at Bay Oaks. Miami, USA)