Trivector Biomed LLP was founded by Dilip and Sangeeta Patil, who have been working in the field of infertility since 1993. They decided to establish an Innovative Healthcare Service Provider in 2015 to enable Indian Healthcare Sector with Innovative Technology.


Mr. Dilip Patil / Managing Partner

A man on a mission, Dilip launched the Trivector Group in 1993 by establishing Trivector Biomed LLP in 2015 with the vision of addressing the current needs of Healthcare Sector of India. He is a dynamic personality and will never rest until he achieves his goal of spreading awareness regarding Air borne Infection Control  to every corner of India and making available all the latest scientific Technology as conjunction to the existing hygiene & Infection Control Practices to combat from Airborne Infections.

He has been delivering lectures on 'first generation entrepreneurship' to the students of various business schools and promoters of start-ups. Dilip is a Biomedical Engineer (Mumbai) and also an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer(Pune). Now on a mission to make Indian Healthcare Sector free from Airborne Infections.


Mrs. Sangeeta Patil, Executive Partner

A pragmatic person and a logical & Innovative thinker, Sangeeta has been the equal guiding force behind all strategic initiatives of the Trivector Biomed LLP.She manages and oversees the execution of Trivector Biomed LLP financial and marketing strategies and is closely associated with the development of Trivector Team Spread across India, Managing communication, and branding of Trivector Biomed LLP. She is a B.Sc. (Physics) graduate (Mumbai). Sangeeta has a deep vision for Introducing Latest and Innovative Technology addressing the current needs & challenges in Indian Health Sector.