MiOXSYS is a rapid in vitro diagnostic semen analysis test which is fertility test for men that accurately measures oxidative stress. Unlike other oxidative stress tests like ROS Test (Reactive Oxygen Species) which is widely used in Idiopathic Male Infertility Testing for men, which are incomplete, MiOXSYS is a complete measure of oxidative stress.

MiOXSYS’s sORP measure is based upon the principle of oxidation-reduction potential which measures the giving and taking of electrons. Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) is an overall measure of the oxidative stress to which a biological component is subjected. Unlike other measures of Oxidative stress like ROS Test, , TAC Test (Total Antioxidant Capacity), and Chemiluminescence Test ,.sORP represents an integrated measure of all oxidants & reductants, making it a more clinically meaningful measure when diagnosing idiopathic Male Infertility cases associated cases with high levels of oxidative stress.

MiOXSYS is quick diagnostic Test for treatment of Male Infertility which gives quick line of treatment and it’s Complies with WHO Parameters for Semen Analysis and act as a Marker for detection of Male Infertility in semen.

  • MiOXSYS System uses a platinum based electrode sensor with an Ag/AgCI reference cell and a galvanostat-based analyzer which completes the circuit.
  • A sensor is inserted into the analyzer and sample is applied in sample port
  • The seminal plasma is absorbed through the filter and migrates towards electrode to fill the reference cell and completes the electrochemical circuit.


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